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Dr. Seth Hill, D.C.

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Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Hill received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree (D.C.) from the University of Western States. He is currently working on a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration and a Bachelor’s in Human Biology. From 2008-2014 he was a Medic in the Oregon Army National Guard.

Dr. Hill is a Central Oregon native and enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife, two sons and their dogs. He loves traveling and eating food. Dr. Hill is easygoing but very professional and brings a positive attitude to everything he does.

Dr. Hill is passionate about providing the latest evidence-based and personalized care to enable patients to get out of pain and return to their work, sleep, activities of daily living, and hobbies pain free!

Dr. Nicole Thomas, D.C.

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Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Thomas received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree (D.C.) from the University of Western States. She also has her Master’s degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. In June, 2016 she completed the Institute for Functional Medicines AFMCP course. Nicole began her work with soft tissue injuries as a Licensed massage therapist in 2003.

Dr. Thomas is originally from the Puget sound area of Washington state but has been an Oregonian since 2003. She enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and spending time with her family. She loves learning new things. Dr. Thomas is compassionate and attentive.

Dr. Thomas aims to discover the root cause of a patient’s problem and provides personalized care to enable patients to recover and return to living their life optimally.

Jaymee P, C.A.

Staff   Jaymee Parker

Jaymee Parker is a Licensed Chiropractic Assistant who recently moved to the Pacific Northwest from Fresno, California. She has a passion for helping others while working within the medical field. Jaymee's compassionate, upbeat attitude daily encourges patients to acheive their goals. Jaymee enjoyes time with her family, great coffee, hiking, and generally exploring nature and the Pacific Northwest with her family and friends.

Teresa J - Office Coordinator

Staff   Teresa Jansen

Teresa was raised in the Northwest, and is glad to be home after living many years in the greater Los Angeles area. Teresa is currently working through a graduate program at Multnomah University for her LPC, and has a passion for encouraging others to reach their goals, including physical, spritual, and mental health. She enjoyes working with the diverse team at ORCC and seeing people's lives changed through Chiropractic and massage therapy.

Jessica S, LMT

Staff   Jessica Steele New

Jessica is a local girl from the Portland area. Her decision to become a massage therapist started shortly after the birth of her child and receiving massages before, during, and afterwards. The positive effects of receiving massages impacted her to become a therapist herself. She went on to graduate from Everest Institute for Massage Therapy learning many specialized techniques to help pregnant women, other health care providers, and therapeutic massage.

She went on to work with many other health care providers like Acupuncturists. Being mentored from an acupuncturist, Jessica developed a stronger medical approach to massage that created better results for the patients she worked with.

Now joining Oregon City Chiropractic & Auto Injury, Jessica has the opportunity to effect patients with the same skills, passion, and influence that makes her a great therapist. She loves connecting with her patients and being the friendly face that people love.

Oregon License #19612

Katy B, LMT

Staff   Katie Buxton

Katy... BIO in Process

Oregon License #

Danielle B, LMT, CA

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Danielle was born and raised in the suburbs of Portland. From middle school she played volleyball for both school and club teams. Now she spends her spare time coaching volleyball at a hometown high school and for local clubs. The experiences she gained from athletics found her interest in massage therapy and physical wellbeing. She went on to graduate from Pioneer Pacific College in 2011. After graduating she gained her experience from working in chiropractic offices and spa settings. She found her passion in helping clients with chronic pain and injuries and has developed a massage style that combines both Swedish and Deep Tissue.

Her greatest enjoyment comes from improving clients’ lives through the healing power of touch and pressure points. Danielle continues to play volleyball on both recreational and competitive teams as often as she can. Though her two above passions keep her busy, she still finds time for baking, cooking, and enjoying time with friends.

Oregon License #18737

Jesse H, LMT, CA

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Jesse is a native to Portland. His journey in and throughout has led him to Oregon City Chiropractic & Auto Injury. Before becoming licensed in Oregon, Jesse was known as a quality massage therapist at a very young age among friends and family. That same passion became invigorated after his mother suffered a car accident and inspired his need to understand physical injuries and the effective treatments to motivate healing.

After finishing school and becoming licensed, Jesse became fond of emphasizing certain techniques during his massage sessions with customers. His effective style combined the wanted relaxing techniques of Swedish massages to the needful results of trigger point and deep tissue massages.

After spending enough time with patients to truly find his unique style, Jesse has come to realize that his particular expertise fall within the areas surrounding the neck and shoulder. Having been an athlete himself in swimming and aerobics, Jesse is at his best around athletes and active patients.

Recently, Jesse has received additional training in Reflexology that is certainly easy to use during any session or as a full session itself.

Oregon License #19795

Kacie S, LMT

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Kacie first became interested in massage therapy in 2014. She graduated from University of Western States in March of 2016. She enjoys seeing the progress and improvement in her clients with pain management and stress relief.

Kacie is a small town Oregon girl. When she isn’t working she likes to spend her free time camping, hiking, hanging out with friends and fishing.

Oregon License #22295

Danie H, LMT

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Danie started receiving massage at a young age and loved it! It sparked a lifelong an interest in bodywork that initiated her path to pursue a career as a massage therapist.

Danie graduated from the University of Western States-Massage Program. She enjoys doing a variety of massage modalities, from deep tissue to relaxation massage.

When Danie is not working, she loves to be outdoors, rain or shine. She enjoys gardening, hiking with her dogs, swimming, yoga and meditation.

Oregon License #023249

Kirsten R, LMT

Staff   Kirsten R

Kirsten is a native Oregonian. She was interested in the healing arts since she could answer the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?”. She has worked in the medical field for more than 10 years, and became interested in massage therapy after an auto injury left her in chronic pain for 2 years. It was regular chiropractic and massage that finally allowed her body to heal and be pain-free.

Kirsten graduated from the University of Western States in 2017. She enjoys being a partner in her clients’ pain management, restoration, and wellness.

When she isn’t working she enjoys camping, painting, music, and baking.

Oregon License #023268

Mason P, LMT

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A practitioner of Reiki, Deep Tissue, Acupressure and Myofascial release, Mason approaches massage from a holistic energetic perspective of treating the person as a whole. He understands that pain occurs in the body when the body’s processes become out of balance. It is his main goal as a massage therapist to treat these imbalances as they occur to restore the body to a state of peace, tranquility, and harmony.

Mason has been practicing meditation, yoga and qi gong on his own for more than five years, and has been actively learning and practicing Reiki for three years, integrating it seemlessly into his massage practice. In Spring of 2017 he finished his 800 Hour Massage Therapy Program at East West College of the Healing Arts and started working at Oregon City Chiropractic and Auto Injury shortly after.

Oregon License #023281

Kristen S - Front Desk/ Manager Support

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Kristen grew up in Oregon and loves the cold, rain and snow! When she was 14 she started her own business as a portrait photographer. Continuing the dream of being a professional photographer, she went on to do portrait and event photography as her very part time job alongside other full-time jobs.

Today, her journey has brought her to Oregon City Chiropractic & Auto Injury as her full-time job. Kristen also works independently as a photographer, custom shoe designer, animal rehabilitator, and goes to school full time. She is going to school for a degree in Biology with a focus in exotic pets and wildlife. She hopes to be able to open her own Wildlife and Exotic pet rescue as well as be able to do her other side jobs full time. Wearing many hats is what keeps Kristen true to herself and her passions.

Nicole S - Front Desk

Staff   Nicole Swan

Nikki has been born and raised right here in Oregon City. ...BIO in Progress