Chiropractic New Patient Special

Did you know? Chiropractors treat more than 35 million Americans a year. 95% say it is effective in treating neck and back pain.

What are you waiting for?

Chiropractic New Patient Special $260 $37*

For a limited time:

The first 10 new patients to book each month will RECEIVE:

  • Private consultation

  • Range of motion exam to determine restricted or painful joints

  • Nerve testing to determine which nerves are causing your pain

  • Muscle testing to isolate painful tight or spastic muscles

  • Orthopedic testing to determine which joints are limiting your mobility

  • Chiropractic treatment to support immediate pain relief

  • BONUS natural pain-relieving topical

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE or a refund within 72 hours

NO WAITING! See a Dr. within 7 minutes of your appointment!

We accept ALL Insurance Coverage

Don’t wait to get the relief you deserve!

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*The New Patient Special does not apply to Medicare or Personal Injury Patients.

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