Massage Therapy in Oregon City

Medical massage is a vital part of motor vehicle accident recovery. Book your appointment with one of our licensed massage therapists.

Oregon Chiropractic and Auto Injury offers Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

At Oregon City Chiropractic and Auto Injury, we use bodywork to support physical rehabilitation and recovery

Whether you have experienced an auto accident, workplace injury, everyday stress, or have chronic discomfort; massage therapy is a vital support to your recovery. While the primary injury during a car accident is to the joints, and that is treated with chiropractic care, the secondary injury is to the muscles – which is treated most effectively by massage therapy. Here at Oregon City Chiropractic and Auto Injury, we are proud to offer over a dozen modalities of massage therapy from our six licensed massage therapists.

Our bodyworkers serve people of all ages and health challenges. Whether you are scheduling massage due to headaches, neck pain, back pain, muscle soreness, or to address pain related to an auto injury, we customize every massage to your unique injury and preferences. Our medical massage practitioners will develop a massage treatment plan to relieve pain and support your rehabilitation.

At the end of your visit, we want to increase your mobility and decrease any pain you are experiencing. Our goal is to help you return to pain-free living.